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Did you know that your pet needs a passport to travel?

From the beginning of 2015, new rules regarding travel with pets in the EU as well as a new passport come into force. In Veterpet we tell you everything:

What animals need it?

The passport is necessary for dogs, cats and ferrets.

What should you consider before traveling with your pet?

Requirements to travel within the European community

  • Microchip or tattoo (if this was done before 07/03/2011) and as long as it remains legible.

  • Valid rabies vaccine (in case of primary vaccination or if the last vaccine was made after the deadline, it is necessary to wait at least 21 days before traveling).

  • Treatment against the parasite Echinococcus sp. between 24-120 hours before the trip (1-5 days).

  • Passport certificate: validity of 10 days from issue.

In addition, if your destination is the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Finland or Norway, where the regulations are different, we recommend that you inform yourself about the additional requirements that may be required by contacting your country’s consulate.

Requirements for traveling outside the European community

Entry depends on the requirements imposed by each country, so it is necessary to inform yourself at least 3 months before the trip. From Veterpet we recommend you get more information at:

Remember: The forecast is extremely important:

Leave all the papers in order with margin time (visit us 3 months before the trip and do not take unnecessary risks).
If you have any questions, contact us and we will explain everything.

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