Sterilization in dogs and cats is a routine operation that lasts no more than an hour and will have great benefits for your pet

Sterilization in dogs and cats

Sterilization is an operation in which the animal’s reproductive organs are removed. In the case of males, the testicles are removed. On the other hand, in the case of females the ovaries are removed.

There are many advantages of sterilizing your dog or your cat

  • Beneficial to avoid contracting diseases

  • Anxiety decreases

  • Prevention of psychological disorders in females

  • Less aggressiveness

  • We eliminate the option of suffering genital malignant tumors

  • We avoid territory marking

  • The animal’s sexual instinct is reduced

  • The likelihood of your dog or male cat escaping from home is reduced

  • We extend the life of the animal

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Frequent questions

The operation to sterilize your pet is very routine. The pet will be given an anesthetic product to ensure that he does not experience any pain during the procedure.

Dogs and cats usually reach sexual maturity over 6 or 7 months of age, although this factor may vary depending on their breed. To avoid unforeseen gestations of your pet, it is best that you sterilize them before reaching that age.

Postoperative care is very simple.

It is necessary to avoid that the wounds are licked, as well as to avoid the abrupt exercise after the sterilization and also to give him the feeding and the appropriate medication prescribed by the veterinarian

Request appointment for sterilization with 20% discount